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Pairing And Email Sign Off

27 AUGUST 2013

There's something that stuck with me since I started doing pair programming - signing off emails as a pair "Winston and [My Pair]" whenever we have to reply to emails while pairing.

"Why?" - I was asked once. I can't relate the exact story anymore, but the incident which made me conscious of doing that happened on the first few days of working at Pivotal Labs.

I was pairing with Nate Clark then, and he had to shoot an email out to our clients perhaps. After he finished writing the email, he signed off as "Nate & Winston".

Somehow, that simple gesture made me feel welcomed, trusted, and respected as a pair - that I was not just a pair of eyes looking over his shoulder.

Soon, I also realized that it's not just Nate who was doing that but all of the other Pivots whom I had a chance to work with.

Being mindful of your pair makes your pair happy, and you'll be happy too!

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