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RedDotRubyConf 2014 In Review

02 JULY 2014

RedDotRubyConf is 4 years old now, and this is the 2nd year that I am running it.

Although it's not my first, it's actually even tougher than the previous year, because I really wanted to make sure that it would be bigger and better than before.

Judging from the feedback so far, I think I did ok for the second time. :)

At this moment, I am full of gratitude to everyone who helped made RDRC a success, especially Jaryl, Yink, Kevin, Alarice - my Ruby Heroes, and many others!

Thank You, Sponsors!

We have a lot more sponsors this year, and all of them are awesome!

They didn't ask for much but just wanted to do their bit and help to build the community. Hope the conference helped to boost their brand and even hire a few good folks too.

Thank You, Speakers!

Speakers, we cannot do without any of you. All of you were awesome!

28 speakers in all - 6 Key Notes, 14 CFPs and 6 Lightning Talks.

I am sure all of us learned a ton from all the speakers in those 2 days.

As I was running around most of the time, I didn't manage to listen to all the great talks. Luckily, we have Confreaks covering the show this year, so I'll catch up on the talks soon.


Thank YOU!

What is a conference without an audience? RedDotRubyConf is for all of you!

Almost 350 Rubyists from all over the World gathered together for 2-days to celebrate Ruby on the tiny island called Singapore.

This year, we also have the most number of female attendees and students, and it's my hope to continue to grow the numbers for these two segments in the next year.

Thank you all for your support!



Let's look at some infographics now, powered by Piktochart, one of our sponsors.

Piktochart is awesome! It's my first time using the service and I am blown away. Try it!



Of course, nothing is perfect, and the day after it ended, I have already been thinking of improvements that I could do for 2015.

Ticketing and Registration

I really wanted to try out Peatix's Colorsync, but alas, we have some restrictions that's better handled by the traditional spreadsheet method. Bummer..

Anyway, next year, I hope to make the entire ticketing and registration experience better, and also to find ways to make discovery and interactions amongst attendees easier.


I got some pretty bad lanyards, I know. Sorry! I'll fix it next year.

Also, someone suggested actually giving out a book. Plausible. I'll consider that.

Breakfast and Water

Yes! There were breakfasts this year! I hope it helped to tide you till lunch time.

But, I'll definitely up the quantity and variety next year.

And it also seems like water is actually more popular than the sodas. Someone mentioned that maybe we are all more health conscious nowadays?

Ok. Let's do more water and less sodas.


I received good feedback about the cocktail tables and how it encouraged conversations during lunch.

However, at the same time, I am disappointed that a lot of the plates and soda cans were left on the cocktail tables after lunch. :(

Also, with 350+ people, A LOT of trash is generated!

Next year, I'll need to think about getting cleaning help.

Local Speakers

Same problem as last year. We need more local speakers! Where are all of you?

How can I make more local speakers submit CFPs? Hmm..

Social Media

This year, I got the team contribute to @reddotrubyconf during the conference.

I think we can do more next year, with a "social media plan" to keep it entertaining for all.


I'll be updating these, but otherwise, Cheeaun's list is awesome too!




Videos available on Confreaks.

Jobs Board

The full glory of our Jobs Board.


That's it. See you all in 2015!

Drop me an email - suggestions, compliments or criticisms. Thank you!

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