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Responsible Engineering

17 OCTOBER 2015

I wrote a post originally to talk about "Responsible Engineering" and showed it to folks at Jolly Good Code for feedback. Then Choon Keat showed me this particular set of slides..

After going through the slides, I decided that my post wasn't worth reading and you should read that set of slides instead.

Dan McKinley covered everything I wanted to say about being responsible and more in his talk titled "Choose Boring Technology". The deck is golden and every engineer should read and memorize it.

Also, there are some interesting conversations on Twitter too.

The only thing I would add is that IF anyone still decides to try out that new shiny thing on production, please, please insist for it to be tested. Any kind of tests!

Scrap that.

Even writing tests is not justification enough to introduce a new shiny thing to the mix. Does the app really need that to work, or was it added to satisfy your own personal desire? Think of the big picture and the impact that the new shiny thing would bring to the team. Would that be a positive or negative impact? Brings to mind this little story.

Maybe a responsible engineer is more likely to stick with "boring" technology?

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